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Here, the applications and tools from a lost era rest peacefully, dreaming of simpler times.

This software is offered “as-is”; no technical support is available.

Early software development efforts

Calendar Classic

Freeware: There is no charge for downloading and using this application.

Calendar Classic (version 4.0) is a calendar-printing application that runs on any Power Macintosh. It has extremely modest memory and machine requirements. It was originally written in 1990, with the first public release in 1995. It will run in Mac OS X in the Classic environment.

Download Calendar Classic 4.0 (37K)

Copyright © 1990-1998 Dan Wright, All rights reserved.

ClickPad II

Requirements: PowerBook 520, 540, or 5300
Shareware: Single-user license US $14

ClickPad II added tap-and-drag support to the TrackPads of the PowerBook 520, 540, and 5300 (the "II" refers to an earlier hack by Bruce Oberg that exposed the ability of these TrackPads to support tapping).

It's very unlikely anyone out there has a functioning PowerBook that can use this software, but it's a sophisticated little bit of software crammed into a small package. It should go without saying that this does not support Mac OS X — but none of these PowerBooks supports Mac OS X, either.

Download ClickPad II 2.2.5 (105K)

Copyright © 1996-1998 Dan Wright, All rights reserved.


Requirements: Any Power Macintosh, or a Macintosh with at least a 68020 processor.
Shareware: Single-user license US $16

SimpleText2HTML converts SimpleText (and other text documents) into HTML for web browsers. It also converts embedded pictures into GIF or JPEG format.

Download SimpleText2HTML 1.0.5 (156K)

Copyright © 1997-2000 Dan Wright, All rights reserved.